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About Us

The Wonderful, Wacky World of Parrots

Welcome! We are Sarah and Joy. Our love of parrots began over 20 years ago when we owned our first birds and grew from there. Parrots are like children, or rather potato chips - it's nearly impossible just to have one! Once those eyes win you over, you'll have a new feathered kid :-) We have a few feathered friends in our own flock which have been wonderful teachers. Over the years we learned many lessons from them in behavioral training, nutrition, vet care, and enriching their lives. We rescue parrots, rehabilitate, board, and offer supplies for parrot owners. Come support a local business and share our passion of parrots!

Services We Offer...


We offer a fun, exciting environment for your parrots. They will have socialization, aviary time in nice weather, and attention while you are away. We are fully insured and offer great boarding prices! See our boarding page for more details!

Parrot Supplies

Whether you want to shop online from the comfort of your home or stop by, we have a variety of parrot supplies to meet your needs. 

Birdie Muffins

As humans, we spend so much time thinking about eating healthy and getting proper nutrition. Our birds are a lifelong committment and deserve the best. We offer the best  homemade birdie muffins in town to help convince your parrot they should be eating healthy too! We are in Vestal often and can meet for delivery if you prefer!

Adoptions & Surrenders

We understand that life can change at any moment whether a health crisis, change in income, or personality differences which make it difficult to keep your parrot. Afterall, 50-80 years is a serious committment. On a case by case basis, we take in surrenders who need homes. We ensure they are vet checked, healthy, and behaviorally stable prior to being adopted into a new home. We take adoption very seriously and look for just the right home for each bird. Opening your heart to adopt a parrot is a special thing and we love to see happy, lifelong relationships formed!

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Sunny Beaks LLC

530 Whittemore Hill Road, Owego, New York 13827

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Hours of Operation

 Please feel free to book an appointment on our scheduler which has a variety of options, whether coming by for supplies/muffins, surrendering, adopting, or boarding appointments. Check us out!