Meet Ducky!

Ducky is a 6 year old young Eclectus male. In this species, males display a vibrant green color and females are bright red. Amazing sight to see! This beautiful fella is relatively new to our shop but already in the few weeks we have had him, he makes us laugh everyday. Ducky grew up around children and other animals. His previous owners felt he liked women more but from observation, he seems to have no preference. We are working currently on converting him to an Eclectus friendly diet which is different from other species because Eclectus cannot eat fortified foods like pellets. He will need an owner who has time to prep real food, vegetables, and fruit for him everyday. Ducky is also fine tuning some of his basic commands for his new home. He is an extroverted clown, chatting your ear off from daylight to dark! His vocabulary is very diverse and he has been picking up new ones too. He is friendly and craves affection - we would recommend him for someone who has had bird experience before because he is still in the baby/pre teen years where he tries to push limits. He seems to enjoy other birds from afar but will need time to socialize if you have others. Fantastic for a family home, we have no doubt that Ducky will find a home soon!

Ducky is currently in his quarantine and evaluation period until 11/15/18. He will have a current veterinary health exam prior to going to his new family. He will go home with a care package including his vet records, care sheets, Benebac probiotic, and a half dozen of our Sunny Beaks birdie muffins. Please inquire for more information!

Personality Specifics

What type of home would be best...

Ducky would do well in a home with a family that is active, energetic, and full of life. He thrives on attention but can still occupy himself. 

What are his quirks?

Ducky likes to talk very early in the morning as soon as he senses someone is up. He chats up a storm! He also uses his beak quite a bit to stabilize himself when stepping up so don't be intimidated! He does not like to be put back in his cage and we are working with him on commands. 

Special Needs...

Eclectus need a diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, and wholesome food options. It is not recommended that you feed them a traditional seed/pellet diet because they are fortified. Fortified diets can cause neurological damage if severe enough. 

How does he do with other animals?

During observation we noticed that he did well in a room with other birds but will need more socialization if you want him to play nice. He is very content on a stand. He has been around dogs large and small, cats, and other birds. He does not seem to have an issue with any of them. 

Favorite Toys

Ducky seems to love just about any toy that we put in his cage. He mostly craves human contact but will gladly play if at work or left alone. 

Talking Ability

He is quite the charmer and chatty cathy!  We have heard at least 20-30 different words or sayings from him in the past few weeks and he continues to pick up more. His previous owner stated that he had mild profanity  in his vocab, but we have not witnessed this during observation. He loves to laugh and be talked to. 

Adoption Application

If you are interested in adopting a parrot, please check out our FAQ page for further details and complete an adoption application at: