We Care About Quality Nutrition

Would you let your children eat junk food all day long? That is exactly what feeding an all seed diet is. Parrots in the wild eat a variety of foods to nourish their bodies and mind. Afterall, parrots have the smarts of 2-4 year olds! 

The best diet is natural, dye free, and wholesome. We created our homemade birdie muffins to entice birds into eating the good stuff! We bake to order birdie muffins which make it exceptionally easy to convince your parrot to switch to a pelleted or whole food diet. Fresh veggies, fruits, seed, high quality ground pellets, quinoa, and fun goodies make these muffins a hit! We make seasonal favorites too!

 We can even use rice pasta and gluten free flour if your parrot has an allergy. How cool is that?