What should I bring to board my bird?

Clients are asked to bring enough food (pellet/seed)  to last their bird's stay, any cage toys they prefer, completed boarder form, and a copy of their most recent vet exam receipt. 

What is offered to our bird?

We take care of your bird the same way we would want ours taken care of. We provide new food/veggies/water twice daily, change papers daily, sanitize weekly, offer music for sensory stimulation, and if they are able to be easily handled, your bird may get time out on playstands and/or outdoor aviary weather permitted. :-) They have a flock of birds typically in the shop to socialize with at any given moment. 

Do you accept birds who need homes?

We love taking in surrenders and rescues. In this scary transitional time, parrots need to feel safe and find routine which is something we offer. We accept surrenders on a case by case basis. If accepted, we ensure they are up to date on vet checks, clips, and behaviorally sound wherever possible. We realize that not all parrots will be perfect at adoption time and we try to be completely honest so you can continue to work with your new parrot. 

How do I adopt? What are the requirements?

To adopt a parrot on our available page, please email us for more information on the bird of interest. Under the 'Forms" tab, you will find an adoption application. We will need three references and may request a home visit if we feel necessary. For larger parrots, it is best if a potential new owner visits multiple times because they are slower to warm up and we want to make sure we send you home confident. Adoption fees vary - generally between $100-$700 depending on various factors like vet care, costs of daily living, whether they come with a cage, etc. Parrots are an expensive family member so please make sure you are able to afford toys, cages, and food. 

Do you offer pick up or delivery or shipping?

If you are within Endicott, Johnson City, Binghamton, Vestal, Apalachin, or similar areas we may be able to deliver food and supplies for a small fee or you can pick up free of charge. Many items in our online shop can be shipped directly to you too.

Do you offer supplies & how can I order?

We have a selection goodies for your bird. We are a small shop always building more diversity but we do have items such as food, carriers, perches of all kinds, vitamins, styptic, toys, and so much more! If there are things that you need, we can look into ordering them in for you. 

FAQ's Continued...

Do you have any recommendations for vet care?

We love vets who care for birds! Our vet is Dr. Wittner at Fur & Feathers Veterinary Clinic in Binghamton. She is very affordable and with our referral you will receive a complimentary wing and nail trim for free at the clinic. Vestal Veterinary Hospital also has vets on staff who specialize in birds. If your bird has a more serious illness or needs extensive care, Cornell has the best services in the area. 

Do you ever sell babies in your shop?

Our primary for doing what we do is to educate owners and find homes for birds who need tlc. Every now and then we do have babies come into the shop when we have requests. Our foremost goal is successfully rehome our adoptables who may be older and from all different backgrounds but they still deserve a happily ever after ending. With older birds, you already know their personality and needs. They are big hams!

What kinds of training do you do with your adoptables?

Our adoptables undergo a health exam by our vet prior to basic training. Some parrots come to us already up to par but then there are some who have had owners who didn't take the time to teach basic commands. We work with each parrot on continued socialization both with people and flockmates. Each personality is unique! Just like people, parrots can come to the table well behaved or needing direction. We want them to be safe and teach them basic commands. With larger birds especially, we have found that they have a harder time than most adjusting to new owners and change so we take extra time socializing. When you meet them they may not seem friendly sometimes - it's not because they are mean but because they need a good week or two to adjust to you. They are often scared or uncertain which may lead them to bite or be flighty.

How do I know which kind of parrot is right for me?

Every household has a unique dynamic. Every bird, even if you have 100 of the same species, has a different personality. We strive to find the best fit possible for each situation. We look at time committment, space, noise levels, what a family is expecting (talking, etc) , family members, and financial ability to name a few. Parrots are expensive so if a family has a tight budget, we aren't going to place a large Cockatoo who shreds $60 toys in two seconds with them if they can't afford them. Sometimes a family comes to us wanting a particular species but realizes after meeting them or talking that they need something different. Reseaching a bird and actually meeting one in person can sometimes be polar opposites. Someone might think a caique for example is great because they look fun. But that little caique needs 110% more supervision than most birds because they will get down and disappear in seconds without thinking twice. This may not be great for someone who doesn't have time for hours of supervised playtime or an aviary to play in. 

Do you offer boarding during the holidays?

We do! The best time to place a boarding reservation is about two months in advance of major holiday time periods. It gets busy and with folks taking vacations, spots get filled quickly. Whether one day or 6 months, we are happy to board any time of the year to meet your needs. 

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, paypal (online), and cash. We only accept checks if you are a well established customer.