Rehoming Your Parrot

You are not alone.

Nobody goes into pet ownership thinking they will ever need to part with their bird. Your journey together may include illness, a family dynamic change, divorce, and many other situations in which keeping your parrot is difficult. There is absolutely no judgement here at Sunny Beaks. We are here to help.

What We Can Offer Your Parrot

We are committed to providing the best care and rehoming practices for your parrot from the time they arrive until the time they find their new family. Your parrot will be given an exam by our veterinarian, any vet care needed, healthy food choices, toys for stimulation, and socialization. We will conduct an in depth screen on any new potential homes including references, home checks, and visiting sessions. 

Thank You For Your Kindness.

We admire you for getting this far and doing the leg work to ensure your parrot is going to find a great home. All too often birds are posted on various websites where you never truly know where your bird is going to or if they are authentic. We take the time to screen for the forever family your bird needs. Peace of mind comes when you know that we will absolutely take back any parrot whom we adopt out if it doesn't work out. They will always have a safe place to come to. 

Surrender/Rehoming Form

If you would like to surrender your parrot, please fill out the form below and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible to make arrangements. 

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